Mantuu Became the Best Player on the Roobet Cup's Fourth Day

OG sniper showed a brilliant game.

Roobet Cup's fourth day ended. Four teams left the tournament, and one of the players performed at the highest level.

Mantuu showed the highest rating in the tournament fourth day. OG sniper finished the match against Entropiq with a rating of 7.8. His KD in this game was 49-25, and his ADR is 97. He especially excelled in multi-kills. Mantuu made several frags in 15 rounds. He even earned four kills in one round. The best sniper map was Ancient, where the player scored 9.3. Mantuu also has made the most open frags. The sniper started the round by killing eight times, which is more than all the players on his team. The Pole also showed the highest accuracy in the match - 23%. The total damage Mantuu was 4.9 thousand.

Mantuu's closest follower was his team's IGL, nexa. In the match against Entropiq, the Serb scored 7.4. He was particularly distinguished by the statistics of flash grenades use. Nexa blinded opponents for 141 seconds.

Mantuu also became the leader in form growth (+29%). The second highest result for arT is 20%.

The top three players of the tournament by average rating are sh1ro, Hobbit, torzsi.

Roobet Cup 2022 will continue today, and four more teams are advancing to the tournament playoffs.