Dust2, Inferno most popular maps so far in 2021

Dust2, Inferno most popular maps so far in 2021

Ancient is already welcome

Popular maps in 2021.

While Ancient was played only 49 times between top teams, other six maps in the active pool all registered between 220 and 299 games, a relatively even distribution despite various teams’s preferences.

The most popular map, Dust 2, was played exactly 299 times, but the best win percentage by the T side was recorded on Inferno, where offence manages to win 51.9% of all the rounds. Nuke, Overpass and, especially, Ancient are all about defence, however, as more than 53,5% of all the rounds are won by the CT side.

220 games on Vertigo is the least out of top-6, while Mirage, the most popular map in matchmaking and FACEIT, sits at 278 but can expect to rise up in near future with six CIS teams in attendance at ESL Pro League Season 14.

It remains to be seen if map pool is going to see changes after PGL Major Stockholm 2021, but if those statistics tell us anything, every map has its fanbase.