Inferno #1. Dust2 and Nuke in top-3 at IEM Cologne 2021

Inferno #1. Dust2 and Nuke in top-3 at IEM Cologne 2021

Quick look at the map pool

As first LAN event of the year was concluded in Cologne, it’s about time to look at the current map pool.

Removal of Train and addition of Ancient did not turn everything on its head, at least, not yet. As there are very few teams who can claim that they have mastered the newest map in the pool, Train was the least popular one, especially, on the biggest stages. 

During IEM Cologne 2021, Ancient was played seven times, showcasing a massive advantage for the defence, which is a rarity in nowadays’s CS:GO. Even Gambit Esports, who were seemingly untouchable for many months, could not hold on to their “11-4” half time lead against FaZe Clan, fell apart “13-16” and got eliminated few hours later.

Vertigo, one of Natus Vincere’s permabans, was the least played map at German event, while Overpass and Mirage were slightly above Train. Those two fluctuate a lot - European events usually feature a lot of Overpass, while CIS and NA favour Mirage, so numbers in the middle of the pack are what many expect to see.

Nuke became a staple for many teams once Vertigo got added to the pool, leaving teams with no options but to play the nuclear plant map. Dust2 is played by nearly everybody unless you are FURIA Esports or Heroic, who play all other maps, so those two maps being in top-3 are perfectly understandable. As is Inferno on the top spot - the most iconic map in the pool, which shifted from being heavy-CT to T-favoured location in recent times.

Will it change at ESL Pro League Season 14? Only time will tell.