Media: Evil Geniuses Will Send stewie2K and Rush to the Reserve

Evil Geniuses' esports organization will replace a few players in the main roster. Jake Stewie2k Yip and Will RUSH Wirzba will leave the team. This was reported by the portal, citing its own sources.

It is assumed that Sanjar neaLaN Ishkakov from K23 or Rasmus HooXi Nielsen, who previously represented Copenhagen Flames, could become the new captain of Evil Geniuses. However, the club is still planning to sign Valdemar valde Vance who is in the reserves of OG.

Earlier, there were rumors that EG could leave Tsvetelin CeRq Dimitrov and Vincent Brehze Kayonte on the Internet. According to insiders, players will not renew contracts with the organization after expiration.