Media: "Liquid will not be able to buy YEKINDAR"

We shouldn't expect the Latvian in Liquid's main roster in the nearest future.

Liquid recently announced that Mareks YEKINDAR Galinskis would join the IEM Cologne roster as a stand-in. Along with this announcement, rumors about Liquid's plans to buy out YEKINDAR from began to appear. However, this purchase can be a hard-to-crack task. announces that Liquid will not be able to buy YEKINDAR from directly. The Russian team is owned by Megafon, which has partnerships with state-owned corporations subject to U.S. and European sanctions. So, the purchase is not possible due to this reason.

However, earlier Gambit was able to get out of this situation by selling the Cloud9 roster. The Russian organization used an intermediary in the person of Ulti Agency to have the possibility to do this. Unfortunately, this agency is based in Norway, which may not have complied with the restrictions imposed by the European Union. However, now Norway also supports sanctions.

So, how will Liquid solve this problem? Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question yet, but the primary solution is to find another intermediary. But even so, the transaction will not be easy.