"brnz4n" and "nak" to stand-in for MIBR at the BLAST Premier Fall

"brnz4n" and "nak" to stand-in for MIBR at the BLAST Premier Fall

An unfortunate turn of events.

This team simply can not catch a break this year.

Not only MIBR have mightily struggled during the international events and risks to miss PGL Major Stockholm 2021 if they do not win the South American edition of the IEM Fall 2021, but they went through multiple roster changes, intentional or not.

During the BLAST Premier Fall those substitutes were definitely not supposed to happen, as both “boltz” and “chelo” are going to miss the event. Former is in Brazil, recovering from catching COVID, while the latter suffered an injury during the car accident and could not travel with the team to Europe. To play instead of those two, MIBR summoned “brnz4n” from their Academy unit, as it is going to be his debut at this level of play, while “nak”, one of the most experienced players in Brazil, will return to the server after coaching MIBR for a while, so team can field a lineup during the event.

MIBR will face off against G2 Esports in their opening match on Monday with either Ninjas in Pyjamas or BIG waiting in the wings, and while it is going to be an uphill battle, a lack of pressure might be what brings MIBR back on the right track in 2021.