More tournament organizers reacted to the Ukrainian-Russian crisis

Three more TOs revealed their plans on inviting Russian-based teams.

“Champion of the champions” group shared their reaction to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, and three TOs will use different ways to restrict the participation of Russian-based teams.

Elisa Esports were the first to report. TO suspended Russian teams from all their tournaments until further notice. Currently, it does not affect any teams as there are no Russian organizations to take part in Elisa Esports tournaments.

Elisa Esports suspended Russian teams from their events
Elisa Esports suspended Russian teams from their events

Eden Esports reported that they would not organize events in the foreseeable future as many crew members are currently in Ukraine and not able to leave the country, while Relog Media does not have plans on suspending Russian teams.

Previously, Blast and ESL prohibited the participation of Russian-based organizations at their events. However, ESL allowed the rosters to compete without organizations, flags, and sponsors.