SKADE have played the most maps in 2021 so far

SKADE have played the most maps in 2021 so far

Grind is not for everybody

Some teams grind more than their opponents.

While top squads usually dodge the lesser tournaments, many teams prefer constantly playing competitive games instead of scrims or practice, improving their rankings along the way.

It’s not a surprise that likes of SKADE and Sinners are in top-3 overall, playing more than 260 maps in less than eight months. Bulgarian squad skyrocketed into top-20 during the summer and despite recent fall, still rank among the best teams outside of the biggest events, while Czech team plowed through the entire ESEA system and will debut at ESL Pro League Season 14 later this month.

forZe are still one of the hardest working teams there, already playing 216 maps and counting, while Gambit Esports went through 173 maps, which is by far the highest mark among teams in the top-10.

The biggest amount of maps played in 2020 belonged to forZe, who went through 378 games and with four months to go in 2021, it remains to be seen if that record is going to be beaten. Even SKADE still need 118 maps to surpass that - about 30 per month, which is definitely doable but requires a streak of deep runs and decent results.