MOUZ and Entropiq enter IEM Dallas 2022

MOUZ and Entropiq round up the list of participants.

IEM Dallas European Closed qualifiers came to an end and the last two places at the tournament were occupied.

Entropiq and MOUZ qualified for IEM Dallas 2022, taking first and second place in the qualifiers.

Entropiq had a perfect tournament without losing a single match. However, El1an and Lack1 did not look so confident compared to the rest of the team. In all matches, both players were at the bottom of the table, never reaching a rating of 6.0. At the same time, Nickelback and Forester consistently finished all matches with a rating above 6. Krad scored the highest result, showing a rating of 8.1 in the confrontation with fnatic.

Entropiq didn't lose a single match
Entropiq didn't lose a single match

MOUZ had problems during qualifiers. However, these problems only occurred against BIG. In other matches, all the players of the team had a rating above 6. The worst game for the team in terms of statistics was the first match against BIG. In this confrontation, two players finished with a rating below 6, while Bymas only reached 5.3, which is why the team lost this match. However, in the second clash of these teams, frozen and torzsi distinguished themselves finishing the match with a rating of 6.9 and 7.2, respectively, while their teammates failed to reach 6. It was the individual actions of the two best players that helped MOUZ get a place at IEM Dallas 2022. The best rating was shown by frozen in the match with CPH Flames - 8.5.

The list of participants of IEM Dallas is completed and the tournament will begin on May 30th.