mouz sweep Fnatic, boost their chances at EPL S14 playoffs

mouz sweep Fnatic, boost their chances at EPL S14 playoffs

A solid result for the Flashpoint 3 winners.

Victory which gives both a chance.

Fnatic, who have seemingly turned the corner during ESL Pro League Season 14 after their newest additions, faced off against mousesports, who had to win that series to stay in contention for the playoff spot.

It was Swedish-British mix, who started strong on Mirage, but a couple of eco round wins gave mouz a lifeline, as they only trailed by three before switching to the offence. However, a patented Fnatic defence fell completely apart against “frozen” and his running mates, as mousesports ran over a relatively new mix for an overall “16-10” victory. Switching to Nuke, it all looked as mouz have done enough in the first half, losing by only one, but “ALEX”’s team hit match points first with a couple of solid executes. Alas, for Fnatic, those hopes were short lived, as mousesports tied the score in regulation and then secured a victory in the overtime, “19-16”, “2-0”.

Now mousesports control their faith, as a win over BIG in the last round is likely going to give them a Ro12 spot, while Fnatic are still in a good position with only a winless Evil Geniuses squad being left on the schedule.