mouz NXT sweep FURIA Academy to start WePlay AL S2

The reigning champions are back at it.

Second day of the event.

WePlay Academy League Season 2 continued with the reigning champions, mouz NXT going against FURIA Academy, the only team last season, which did not advance to the play-in bracket.

Starting on Mirage, the Brazilian team led by three at half, displaying a solid defence, but then they ran into a wall with their offense getting next to nothing done, as mouz NXT nearly swept the second half for a “16-10” overall win. Moving to Inferno, the FURIA Academy’s pick, international mix kept their defence on a high level, switching to the offence with a five round lead and it did not take long to close the game, “16-7” for a “2-0” series win.

With three games of the first round done, only VP Prodigy and fnatic Rising are left to start their campaign in the second season of WePlay Academy League, as mouz NXT are still looking like a team to beat.