MOUZ knock OG out from IEM Katowice

OG leave the main stage.

The first group stage match of the lower bracket at IEM Katowice has ended, and the first team to leave the tournament has been decided.

OG faced MOUZ in the first round of the lower bracket of group A. Both teams lost their first matches.

MOUZ continue to win with a stand-in
MOUZ continue to win with a stand-in

MOUZ picked Nuke and proved that it is one of their best maps once again. The first half was close as MOUZ were struggling on the T side. However, after the sides switched, MOUZ confidently finished the game with a score of 16-12.

OG chose to play Ancient, and it was a deciding mistake. OG looked on the T side, and the second half promised to be even more competitive. Although, MOUZ didn’t give any chance to the European mix in the second half. MOUZ won round after round and finished the second map 16-9, winning the match.

MOUZ continue to fight for their lives in the lower bracket, while OG leave the main stage of IEM Katowice 2022.