MOUZ, MRiders on the brink, as ENCE, Entropiq improve to "2-1"

Twenty bo1s down, thirteen bo3s remain.

The final best of ones in the first stage.

With the class and caliber of the teams present in Sweden at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 everyone wants to watch all the high quality CS:GO and now that the last best of ones in the first Swiss system stage have been played, it is only going to get better.

Choosing between Dust2 and Nuke, MOUZ decided to bring their game against ENCE Esports back to the nuclear plant and it looked like a good decision, despite the Finnish team losing to FaZe Clan on Dust2. Ex-mousesports led “10-9” and had full economy control on their defence, but an unlikely “1v3” Tec-9 clutch by “Snappi” turned the entire game around. ENCE Esports won six of the last seven rounds, closing the map in their favour, “16-11” and coming one step closer to the next stage, while pushing MOUZ to a brink of elimination.

Entropiq made  Movistar Riders choose between Overpass and Mirage and the Spanish team, surprisingly to the most, went with the latter. The CIS team used it to their advantage, switching to their offence with a three round lead, but Movistar Riders equalized the score at “11-11”. Not being deterred, Entropiq made a run on their offence towards the end of the map, winning five rounds out of six to take the victory, “16-12” and improved to “2-1”.


With the best of three sets all the way for the remainder of the first stage, it remains to be seen who is going to regret losing some of those close bo1s and who is going to advance despite the earlier results.