mouz NXT win WePlay Academy League Season 1

mouz NXT win WePlay Academy League Season 1

A complete turnaround.

The champion is crowned.

Young Ninjas looked to repeat their victory over mouz NXT from yesterday, when young Swedes managed to outlast their more experienced opponents during a gruesome best of three set. Now, with a map advantage in a best of five, the goal was to win the same two maps and move on with the championship.

Mirage, however, which was a complete stomp in favour of Young Ninjas yesterday, turned full 180, as international mix instantly fired back after losing pistol round for a monstrous “13-2” half and a quick “16-2” to equalize the series. Moving to a yet another Nuke, mouz NXT kept their winning streak going there as well, as both halves went their way and an overall “16-11” put them on match point. Young Ninjas tried to default onto Inferno, despite falling there yesterday but it did not work either, as they lost another eco round, fell behind “2-7” and despite reducing the deficit to only one round, could not find much in the second half. “16-9”, a massive performance from “torszi” with a “+36” difference in frag department and a “3-1” victory for mouz NXT.

The international mix are now the first ever champions of WePlay Academy League, winning Season 1 crown and 45000 dollars, while Young Ninjas secured 20000, 15000 went the way of Fnatic Rising and BIG Academy collected 8000 dollars for their efforts. Congratulations to all the winners, as we will likely see a majority of them during the second season.