Movistar Riders change two, in search of replacements

Movistar Riders change two, in search of replacements

Spanish organisation makes roster changes

Movistar Riders decided to make a change before the final stages of the season.

One of the biggest Spanish organisations became unsatisfied with their middling results outside of the local scene and made multiple roster changes. "steel", famous in-game leader, who was with Movistar Riders for two years, got benched, while Estonian rifler, "shokz", got fully released from the team.

It remains to be seen if steel is going to join another organisation before the end of the player break, but Movistar Riders are now in search not only for a quality rifler, but for a captain as well. There is still a sizeable chance that Spanish team is going to be able to qualify for PGL Major Stockholm, which requires a solid performance during the second RMR event.

But if "smooya", the highest rated player in CS:GO Major history is going to return to the big stage, Movistar Riders can not miss on those transfers.