Movistar Riders eliminate MIBR from IEM Katowice Play-In

Spaniards stay alive.

The first round of the lower bracket at IEM Katowice 2022 Play-In has come to a close, and only eight teams have remained in that stage.

MIBR faced Movistar Riders, who are replacing Complexity at the event. The opening round of Play-In was tough for both teams.

Movistar Riders eliminate MIBR
Movistar Riders eliminate MIBR

MIBR picked Ancient but weren’t capable of delivering on the T side. Spaniards dominated the first half, winning 13 rounds out of 15. The Brazilian team tried to come back, but Movistar Riders denied that attempt, crushing opponents on their pick 16-10.

Spaniards picked Inferno, and there was no chance for MIBR. The first was competitive as the Brazilian team managed to take seven rounds, but Movistar Riders showed outstanding performance after the sides switched, winning the map 16-8.

Movistar Riders are waiting for a clash with NIP, while MIBR are going home taking 13-16th.