Movistar Riders, FaZe Clan, Copenhagen Flames to PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Finalizing the list of participants.

Battle for the coveted spots.

Despite losing in the quarterfinals, Fiend, Copenhagen Flames and Movistar Riders still had a shot of making it to PGL Major Stockholm 2021, as all three needed a one series win to guarantee themselves a debut at the Major.

The Spanish team unexpectedly became the first one to make it to Sweden, as they outlasted Copenhagen Flames on Vertigo and then snatched the Ancient pick for themselves, winning the series, “2-0”. Fiend falling “0-2” to G2 Esports also guaranteed a berth in Stockholm for FaZe Clan, who will return to the Major with their star-studded lineup with a championship in mind. With the last spot in play, Fiend and Copenhagen Flames clashed against each other, as both of the maps went to the overtime. Nuke looked to be all Danes, as Copenhagen Flames led “15-10” on their defence, but the Bulgarian team forced an overtime, ultimately falling short, “16-19”. Inferno was even more contested, as Fiend looked to force an Overpass decider, leading “15-13”, but four overtimes later it was Copenhagen Flames winning “28-25”, taking the series “2-0” for their Major debut.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will begin in few weeks time, as eleven European representatives will look to hold the contenders at bay and keep the trophy in Europe for at least another Major cycle.