Nafany: "Electronic Is a Good Player, but Only Time Will Tell How Good a Captain He Is"

Cloud9 captain Vladislav nafany Gorshkov commented about NAVI and Denis electronic Sharipov, answering the questions at the press conference before the start of the IEM Cologne 2022 group stage.

It is difficult to say something about them. We have only seen this team at one tournament [roster with sdy at BLAST Premier Spring Finals]. Obviously, electronic is a good player, one of the best in Eastern Europe. Only time will tell how good he is as a captain.
Vladislav nafany Gorshkov

Cloud9 and NAVI are in different groups, but the matches with the participation of these teams will take place at different times: NAVI - MOUZ - at 5:30 PM, and Cloud9 - Outsiders - at 8:30 PM.

Source: escorenews