Natus Vincere beat FaZe; G2 proceed to playoff

The two last matches of the group stage ended.

The group stage of IEM Katowice has come to a close, and the two last matches decided three playoff participants.

Firstly, NaVi faced FaZe in the upper final of group B. Both teams won two matches in the group stage in a row.

FaZe picked Overpass and started the map with the domination. However, NaVi managed to regain control finishing the first half 7-8. FaZe seized an early advantage after the sides switched. NaVi tried to resist, but the European mix finished the map 16-13.

Natus Vincere take the spot in the semifinals
Natus Vincere take the spot in the semifinals

NaVi chose to play Dust 2, and the beginning of the map was difficult for the CIS team. On the T side, Natus Vincere won 8 rounds out of 15. However, they showed more confident performance on the CT side, winning the game 16-12.

Mirage was the decider. The first half was close, but in the second, FaZe started dominating. But at 15-10, NaVi began their comeback and managed to transfer the game into overtime. After the end of the 30th round, the map stayed close, and the first overtime series ended with a draw. However, NaVi showed their domination in the second series, finishing 22-19.

NaVi advance to the semifinal while FaZe enter the quarterfinal of the main event.

Secondly, G2 faced Astralis in the lower final of group B. The match decided the team to proceed to the playoff.

G2 enter the playoff of IEM Katowice
G2 enter the playoff of IEM Katowice

Astralis picked Ancient and weren’t confident on the T side. G2 controlled the map finishing the first half 10-5. However, the Danish team made an amazing comeback from that score, losing only two rounds on the CT side, winning the first map 16-12.

G2 decided to play Dust 2, and it was a disaster for Astralis. G2 dominated in the first half, winning 11 rounds, and continued to outperform on the CT side. The map ended with a score of 16-5 in favor of G2.

The decider was Inferno, and it was even worse for Astralis. The Danish team managed to win only one round for the whole map. G2 were unstoppable, and Astralis were destroyed 16-1.

G2 enter the quarterfinal of the playoff, while Astralis leave IEM Katowice on step away from the main event.