NaVi announced new junior roster

NaVi Junior moved to fully Ukrainian lineup.

Not long ago, NaVi changed their politics on Russian players due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and removed all Russian players from the academy system, and lost all junior rosters. Today, NaVi announced one of the junior rosters.

NaVi rebuild their academy system
NaVi rebuild their academy system

NaVi promoted two players from the NaVi Youth roster to NaVi Junior, building a six-man lineup. The CIS organization didn’t sign any new players to the academy system. However, the organization reported their intention to find players for NaVi Youth. NaVi are looking for 13 to 16-year-old talents from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Current NaVi Junior roster: Rodion "fear" Smyk, Mark "UNBR0KEN" Varakuta, Andrii "nipl" Kukharskyi, Daniil "headtr1ck" Valitov, Adam "froz1k" Nagornyi, Dmytro "Dem0N" Myroshnychenko.