NAVI Junior breeze past BIG Academy in the WePlay AL S2 opener

NAVI Junior breeze past BIG Academy in the WePlay AL S2 opener

A convincing set win.

The second match of the day.

Similarly to the first season of WePlay Academy League, BIG Academy and NAVI Junior opened the competition against each other, as the German team was the one to win the last time but the CIS squad responded in the second round.

Starting on Mirage, NAVI Junior looked to run away with the map with an early “6-0” run, but BIG Academy reduced the deficit to one before the switch to their defence. The CIS team’s offence, however, ran rampant through the sites and gave up only one more round before closing the map out, “16-8”. Going to Dust2, NAVI Junior’s pick, BIG Academy tried to hold on the beginning, but after a “4-4” tie, the CIS team scored seven in a row before the break. BIG Academy looked to stay competitive after winning a force buy in the second round, but once rifles were in play, it was all NAVI Junior with one more “16-8” for a “2-0” series win.

WePlay Academy League Season 2 will continue tomorrow with a pair of games involving the reigning champions, mouz NXT going against FURIA Academy before VP Prodigy and fnatic Rising will clash in the second game of the day on Wednesday.