NaVi eliminate Heroic from Blast Premier World Final

Danish team leave the tournament.

The first match of the lower bracket at Blast Premier World Final 2021 has been finished and the first team have left the tournament. NaVi have beaten Heroic to stay alive.

Heroic weren't confident enough
Heroic weren't confident enough

The first map was picked by Heroic and they decided to play Mirage. NaVi didn’t give any chance to the Danish team dominating both sides and finishing the map with a score of 16-6.

The second map was Nuke and it was much more competitive. NaVi were very confident on the T side but Heroic did an amazing comeback after sides switched and managed to transfer the game into overtime. However, the CIS team were much stronger and finished the map with a score of 19-15.

Heroic leave Blast Premier World Final 2021 taking the last place while NaVi are preparing for the loser of the G2 vs Vitality clash.