NaVi get fourth victory in Group D after outstanding comeback against Astralis

NaVi go to 4-0.

The fourth day of Group D at ESL Pro League Season 15 has come to a close, and the third match of the day turned out to be the most exciting standoff.

NaVi faced Astralis. Previously, NaVi got three wins in a row, while Astralis managed to only reach 2-1. Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov returned to NaVi recovering from COVID-19.

NaVi take down Astralis
NaVi take down Astralis

Astralis picked Ancient but didn’t manage to show decent performance on their pick. NaVi didn’t give any chance to the Danish team in the first half, winning 12 rounds on the CT side. Astralis weren’t able to stop the CIS team after the sides switched, and the map ended 16-4 in favor of NaVi.

NaVi chose Nuke, and the beginning of the second map didn't end in their favor. Astralis showed outstanding performance on the CT side, winning nine rounds. NaVi tried to fight back and nearly transferred the game into overtime, but Astralis managed to regain control and finish the second map 16-14.

The decider was Inferno, and Astralis seized an early advantage once again. The first half ended 11-4 in favor of the Danes. However, NaVi started their comeback from the beginning of the second half and didn’t let go till the end of the map. NaVi won the deciding map 16-13.

NaVi go to 4-0 and will face Heroic to battle for first place in Group D, while Astralis will clash with Complexity for third place.