NaVi go to 3-0 after defeating Complexity in Group D securing playoff spot

NaVi continue their domination.

Day 3 of Group D at ESL Pro League has come to a close, and the last match of the day has ended.

NaVi faced Complexity. Previously, NaVi got two victories in a row, while Complexity didn’t manage to achieve the win.

NaVi take the third win in a row at ESL Pro League
NaVi take the third win in a row at ESL Pro League

The standoff started with Ancient picked by Complexity. NaVi started the map with domination and finished the first half 12-3. Complexity showed outstanding performance after the sides switched, but it was not enough to stop the CIS team. NaVi won the opponents’ pick 16-13.

NaVi picked Dust 2 and seized an early advantage once again, finishing the first half 12-3. However, Complexity fought back and made it to 13-13, but NaVi took control of the game at the end of the second half. The last map of the standoff ended 16-14 in favor of the CIS team.

NaVi top Group D alongside Heroic and secure the spot in the playoff, while Complexity lose the third time in a row.