NaVi overcome ENCE on their debut at IEM Katowice

NaVi win an intense standoff.

The opening round of group B at IEM Katowice has come to a close, and the last team have advanced to the upper bracket semifinal.

NaVi faced ENCE, who finished the Play-In stage with one loss.

Natus Vincere start the event with a victory
Natus Vincere start the event with a victory

ENCE picked Mirage, and it was time to shine for the CIS team. NaVi seized the advantage on the CT side, taking 12 rounds out of 15. ENCE didn’t manage to return to the game after the sides switched, and the CIS team took the first map with a score of 16-8.

The situation on Nuke picked by NaVi was quite the opposite. ENCE destroyed the CIS team in the first half. NaVi tried to come back on the CT side, but ENCE were unstoppable. The map ended 16-4.

Overpass was the decider, and it was the most competitive map of this BO3. NaVi failed to take the advantage in the first half, winning only five rounds. However, they managed to take the lead on the CT side. ENCE nearly transferred the game into overtime, but NaVi denied that attempt winning the last map 16-14.

NaVi are waiting to battle FURIA in the upper bracket semifinal, while ENCE are preparing to face Astralis in the lower bracket.