NaVi overcome OG in the first semifinal of Blast Spring Final

NaVi enter the grand final of the event.

The fourth day of Blast Premier Spring Final has started, and the first match of the day has come to a close.

In the first semi-final of the tournament, NaVi faced OG. The teams have already met at the event before, and then the winners were OG.

NaVi enter the grand final of Blast
NaVi enter the grand final of Blast

The match started with Dust2, and its first half ended with a score of 8-7 in favor of NaVi. However, in the second half, the CIS team destroyed their opponents and finished the map 16-9. On Inferno, OG showed their best performance and won 10 rounds on the T side. After the sides switched, NaVi returned to the game, but still lost the map 16-14. On the decider, the situation was similar to Dust2. The first half was spent fighting, and after the sides switched, NaVi swept away OG.

NaVi advance to the semifinals, and OG take the 3rd-4th place and leave the tournament.