NaVi start ESL Pro League with a victory after long-lasting overtime against AGO

NaVi get their first win in Group D.

Group C at ESL Pro League has started, and the opening match has come to a close.

NaVi faced AGO in the opening standoff of Group D. NaVi were playing with Daniil "headtr1ck" Valitov, standing in for Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov, who got tested positive for COVID-19.

NaVi take their first win at ESL Pro League
NaVi take their first win at ESL Pro League

The match started with Dust 2, picked by AGO. However. The Polish team didn’t manage to cope with NaVi. The first half ended 14-1 in favor of the CIS team. The second half was swiftly finished by NaVi, and the map ended 16-1.

NaVi picked Mirage, and it was one of the most long-lasting maps on the pro scene. The first half was close and ended 8-7 in favor of NaVi. However, in the second half, AGO seized an advantage, making it 14-9, but NaVi made a comeback, transferring the game into overtime. It took the teams seven close overtime series to decide the winner. NaVi won the map 37-34.

NaVi take their first win, while AGO suffer the first defeat at ESL Pro League.