NaVi top Group D; Astralis advance to playoff of ESL Pro League

Group D concludes.

Group D matches at ESL Pro League have come to a close, and the three last teams advanced to the playoff.

The last day of Group D included two deciding matches. Heroic faced NaVi fighting for first place in the group, while Astralis clashed with Complexity for the last spot in the playoff.

NaVi vs Heroic standoff ended too quickly. The CIS team eased past the Danes, winning the match 2-0. Heroic managed to get only 12 rounds in total.

NaVi go to the quarterfinals
NaVi go to the quarterfinals

Astralis vs Complexity clash was much more competitive as every map lasted for no less than 26 rounds.

The match started with Dust 2, picked by Complexity. The first half ended with a close 8-7 in favor of Astralis. After the sides switched, Complexity showed decent performance and finished the game 16-13.

Astralis chose Nuke and didn’t manage to seize an early advantage on the T side. However, Complexity weren’t confident enough to win more than eight rounds in the first half. The second half started and ended with Astralis’ domination. The map was finished 16-10 by the Danish team.

Astralis take the last spot in the playoff
Astralis take the last spot in the playoff

The decider was Ancient, and it turned out to be the most competitive map of the standoff. Astralis showed a decent performance on the CT side, winning nine rounds in the first half of the map. After the sides switched, the American team fought back but didn’t manage to transfer the game into overtime, losing the decider 16-14.

NaVi advance to the quarterfinal, while Astralis and Heroic take the spots in the first round of the playoff.