Natus Vincere win EPL S14, Intel Grand Slam

Natus Vincere win EPL S14, Intel Grand Slam

A match for the ages.

A yet another chapter in the storied rivalry.

The world number one team, Natus Vincere, had a nearly stellar 2021 for the exception of dealing with Gambit Esports, while Team Vitality had to rebuild their lineup, go through the period of slump before coming back to the top. Nothing from the past mattered on Sunday, however, as both teams made it to the ESL Pro League Season 14 grand final to face each other in another best of five set.

Starting on Dust2, it was all about the CIS squad, as they jumped to a “10-5” lead at the halftime. The French unit tried to mount a comeback, as they reduced the gap to only two rounds, but a timely eco round victory gave NAVI total economy control and a “16-10” overall victory. Inferno, however, did not work as well for the number ones, as it was all about Team Vitality, who got a three round lead on their offence and then did not give up a single round on the defensive side of the map, equalizing the score with a “16-6”.

A great offensive performance by Natus Vincere allowed them to run away with the first half of Nuke, “11-4”, and despite a furious rally from the Frenchmen, the favourites closed it out on the defence, “16-11”. Overpass, same to Inferno, was all Team Vitality, who ran away with the equalizer, “16-7”, but Mirage featured a yet another strong start for Natus Vincere, as teams switched sides at “10-5”. For the third time in this series, Team Vitality tried to mount a comeback, as they came dangerously close at “10-11”, but neither squad managed to win consecutive rounds after that, as Natus Vincere clinched the map in the last round of regulation, “16-14”, take the series “3-2” and win the ESL Pro League Season 14 championship.

In addition to that, Natus Vincere became the third team after Astralis and Team Liquid to win the Intel Grand Slam and the million dollars as a bonus. Now both finalists can go and prepare for the BLAST Premier Fall group stage which begins later this week, as both Natus Vincere and Team Vitality are expected to be among the favourites to take the entire event after a performance like that.