NiKo: "Wicked Tongues Will Not Go Anywhere Until I Win a Major Or Intel Grand Slam"

G2 player Nikola NiKo Kovacs spoke about the haters and emotions after losing the major in 2021.

[How upset were you that you didn't win the Major?]

It sucked. Everyone was giving shit to s1mple before he became the best player in the world by winning the major and the Intel Grand Slam, you know? Everyone could find reasons to hate him despite the results. People will always complain, no matter what happens. It's the same with me and dev1ce now. Wicked tongues will not go anywhere until I win a major or an Intel Grand Slam. They'll call me a choker or something like that. But when I take the title, it will end.
Nikola NiKo Kovacs

Recall that the next Major will be held in November in Rio. The tournament will run until the 13th, and open qualifiers will begin in the second half of August.