Ninjas in Pyjamas win IEM Fall Europe

The long awaited trophy.

The final match of the event.

While Ninjas in Pyjamas were considered as one of the favourites to win it all at IEM Fall Europe, ENCE Esports were still considered as an underdog, despite their playoffs appearance during the ESL Pro League Season 14.

NiP’s pick of Overpass went as smooth as it gets for the Scandinavian unit, as they posted ten rounds on their offence before the switch. ENCE attempted to mount a comeback, as they secured a pistol round, but NiP’s defence turned it on once they obtained all the needed equipment, winning the map, “16-8”. The Finnish team fired back on Mirage, however, as they stormed to a “11-4” offensive half before closing it out on defence, “16-7”, moving to Ancient. ENCE Esports once again looked in control, as they had a narrow lead at the half and then extended it to “13-10”, but Ninjas in Pyjamas stepped up in the final stretch, winning six out of seven remaining rounds to close the map in regulation, “16-14”. Back and forth to start on Nuke, NiP seized control of the economy in the middle of the first half, switching to the offence with a “11-4” lead. ENCE Esports’s defence tried to rally back, as they reset NiP’s pistol round in the following round, but a deagle round by Ninjas in Pyjamas halted the attempt, as Nuke went the way of NiP, “16-6”, as did the series, “3-1”.

ENCE Esports can be proud of their performance, as they are going to the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 as one of the playoffs contenders, while Ninjas in Pyjamas have secured their first trophy since IEM Oakland in 2017 and now aim to win their first Major since 2014 on the home soil.