NIP and Cloud9 start PGL Major Antwerp 2022 with 1-0

There are no Challengers to win a match yet.

The first day of the Legends stage continues, and two more matches of the first round have come to a close.

In the first match, NIP faced Vitality. NIP played the first match at the event when Vitality started the Major with the Challengers Stage.

This Overpass was very fast. NIP immediately seized the advantage and won 11 rounds for CT. In the second half, Vitality did not win a single round and lost the map 16-4. The best player of the match was REZ with a 8.8 rating.

NIP start the event with 1-0
NIP start the event with 1-0

The clash between Cloud9 and Outsiders was more intense.

The CIS derby was held at Mirage and the first half was close, ending 8-7 in favor of Outsiders. But after the sides switched, Cloud9 put pressure on the opponents and won the map 16-12. AX1Le showed the best rating - 7.1.

Cloud9 and NIP go to the 1-0 group, and Vitality and Outsiders are 0-1.