NIP crush LookingForOrg at ESL Pro League

NIP take the fourth win in a row.

The fourth day of ESL Pro League has started, and the first match has come to a close.

NIP faced LookingForOrg. The teams’ performance was quite the opposite as NIP didn’t lose a match while LookingForOrg still didn’t manage to achieve victory.

NIP win the fourth match in a row
NIP win the fourth match in a row

LookingForOrg picked Nuke and were crushed on their pick. NIP started dominating from the beginning and added 13 rounds to their account. After the sides switched, LookingForOrg didn’t manage to come back and lost the map 16-7.

NIP decided to play Overpass, and this map was much more difficult for the Swedish team. They didn’t show confident performance on the CT side, winning only six rounds. NIP fought back in the second half, but LookingForOrg managed to finish the game just before the overtime making it 16-14 in their favor.

However, the decider wasn’t fortunate for LookingForOrg. They lost focus in the first half and weren’t able to return to the game. Ancient ended with a score of 16-5 in favor of NIP.

NIP take their fourth win, which nearly guarantees them a spot in the playoff, while LookingForOrg lose the fourth match and reduce the odds of making it to the main event to the minimum.