NIP defeat Bad News Eagles; FURIA take down ATK in Blast Showdown

The second day of Blast is over.

The second day of Blast Premier Spring Showdown has come to a close, and two more matches in different regions have been finished.

The day of the European Showdown ended with NIP vs Bad News Eagles standoff.

The match started with Mirage, picked by Bad News Eagles. And the squad from Kosovo showed their best performance on that. Bad News Eagles confidently finished the first half 9-6 and destroyed their opponents after the sides switched, winning the first map 16-6.

NIP chose Ancient and collapsed in the first half. Bad News Eagles won 11 rounds on the CT side. However, NIP made an outstanding comeback in the second half and finished the game 16-12.

NIP take down Bad News Eagles in the intense standoff
NIP take down Bad News Eagles in the intense standoff

The situation on the decider was the same. Bad News Eagles destroyed the Swedish team in the first half of Inferno, getting 12 rounds, but NIP didn’t let go and made it to the overtime after the sides switched. The overtime ended quickly, with NIP securing the victory 19-17.

NIP advance to the semifinal to face Astralis, while Bad News Eagles leave the event taking 5-8th. There are only three matches in the European Showdown left.

In the American region, FURIA faced ATK. ATK replaced Sharks due to travel complications caused by Blast’s mistake. TO promised that Sharks would take part in the next cycle of the events.

FURIA ease past ATK
FURIA ease past ATK

ATK picked Inferno and lost the first map and lost the first half 9-6. After the sides switched, FURIA didn’t give any chance to their opponents and finished the first map 16-8.

FURIA chose Vertigo and annihilated ATK. The Brazilian team won 14 rounds on the T side and swiftly finished the game after the sides switched, making it 16-1.

FURIA proceed to the semifinal to face GODSENT, while ATK leave the tournament.