NIP overcome Gambit in group A at IEM Katowice

NIP advance to the upper bracket.

IEM Katowice 2022 group stage continues, and another match in group A has been finished.

NIP faced Gambit in the opening round of group A. Previously, NIP completed Play-In with one defeat.

NIP picked Ancient, and it was an amazing standoff. Gambit dominated the first half, winning 11 rounds on the CT side. However, NIP made an outstanding comeback from 11-4, finishing the map with a score of 16-13.

NIP continue to win
NIP continue to win

Gambit chose Vertigo, and it was a comfortable location for them. CIS team took nine rounds on the T side and, after a bit of struggle in the second half, won the map 16-11.

Overpass was leftover, and Gambit wasn’t confident enough on this map. The CIS team struggled in both halves and weren’t able to stop NIP. The Swedish team won the decider 16-8.

NIP proceed to the upper bracket semifinal to, while Gambit are knocked down to face CPH Flames.