NIP shock NaVi at Blast Spring Groups

NaVi go to the Last Chance Stage.

The second match in the second round of the Knockout stage has ended and the result is shocking.

NIP faced NaVi, who failed group stage, losing two matches in a row. NIP managed to take second place in their group.

NaVi continue to lose
NaVi continue to lose

NaVi picked Nuke and showed a high level of performance on their best map. The CIS team were confident in their attack, winning 7 out of 15 rounds. And in the second half, they just needed to finish the game, which they did, winning their pick 16-11.

NIP decided to play Overpass, and NaVi’s confidence disappeared. The CIS team weren’t successful on the CT side and didn’t come back on the T side, allowing NIP to win the map with a score of 16-11.

The map leftover was Mirage. And on the decider, NaVi collapsed. NIP won round after round, and the CIS team didn’t manage to stop them, losing the last map 16-7.

NIP are preparing to face OG, while NaVi are waiting for their opponent in the Last Chance Stage.