NIP snatch the victory from MOUZ at ESL Pro League

NIP prolong their streak.

The third day of ESL Pro League Season 15 has started, and the first match has come to a close.

NIP faced MOUZ. NIP hadn’t lost a single game, while MOUZ didn’t manage to cope with Entropiq on day 1.

MOUZ picked Inferno but weren’t confident enough. They weren’t able to resist in the first half and lost nine rounds. And the CT side wasn’t fortunate for them as NIP didn’t give any space to their opponents. The Swedish team won the first map 16-10.

NIP take the third win in a row
NIP take the third win in a row

NIP decided to play Vertigo, and it was an intense standoff. MOUZ started the CT side with the domination but didn’t manage to prolong it after four won rounds in a row. However, the half was equal, and MOUZ took their seven rounds. After the sides switched, the European mix gained confidence and earned three match points but didn’t manage to execute them, and NIP transferred the game into overtime. However, MOUZ didn’t hesitate and won the opponents’ pick 19-16.

Mirage was leftover, and MOUZ didn’t lose their focus in the first half of the decider. They didn’t have problems on the T side winning nine rounds. However, in the second half, MOUZ collapsed. They only managed to win two rounds, and NIP finished the map 16-11.

NIP haven’t lost yet, while MOUZ already have two defeats on their account.