NIP sweep Astralis, Vitality beat MOUZ

The opening matches of IEM Winter 2021 have been finished.

IEM Winter 2021 has started and the first two opening matches ended to decide the first teams to go to the lower bracket.

Vitality had a difficult match against MOUZ
Vitality had a difficult match against MOUZ

NIP vs Astralis was the most expected clash of the day by the fans. Astralis were the favorite here as they defeated NIP at Blast Premier Fall Final with a score of 2-0. However, at IEM Winter 2021 NIP had their revenge. Swedish team destroyed Astralis in BO1 with a score 16-8 to show that they have recovered from that terrible defeat.

Vitality vs MOUZ appeared to be a much more interesting standoff. MOUZ looked much weaker but they managed to get to the match point earlier than their French opponent. However, Vitality came back and in the overtime defeated MOUZ with a score of 16-19.

NIP and Vitality will face each other in the upper semi-finals of group A, while Astralis and MOUZ are preparing to battle for life in the lower bracket.