NIP take down Entropiq

NIP continue to win.

Another 2-0 match at ESL Pro League. Teams from Group A hadn’t transferred the game on the decider yet.

NIP faced Entropiq. Both teams won their first matches at the event.

NIP take their second victory
NIP take their second victory

Entropiq picked Nuke and didn’t manage to seize an early advantage. NIP didn’t allow them to execute planned rounds and won 10 of them in the first half. The second half wasn’t brighter for the CIS team. They had lost pistol round and didn’t recover further, losing their pick 16-5.

NIP picked Overpass and didn’t have problems on the T side, taking 12 rounds out of 15. However, Entropiq fought back at the beginning of the second half but didn’t manage to finish the comeback. The Swedish team won the game 16-11.

NIP take their second win, while Entropiq accept the first defeat.