NIP won the first match with k0nfig in the line-up - how did the Dane perform?

NIP won the first match with k0nfig in the line-up - how did the Dane perform?

The Swedish club won the first map after the change of roaster.

The Play-In of IEM Katowice 2023 started and NIP won their first match against MIBR.

This match was the first for the Swedish club since the addition of Kristian k0nfig Wienecke to the roster. How did the Dane adapt to the new team?

k0nfig was the worst player in the match against MIBR

The match for Ninjas in Pyjamas was not as easy as it looked at first glance. The map ended with a score of 16-13. At one point, MIBR was leading 10-7, but the Swedish club made a comeback and ended the game.

In terms of individual statistics, Ludwig Brollan Brolin was the team leader in the match, ending with a rating of 8.5. Immediately after him, with a big gap, Aleksi Aleksib Virolainen was in second place.

NIP's stats in match against MIBR
NIP's stats in match against MIBR

k0nfig didn’t manage to show his best game, the Dane finished the map with a 5.0 rating. The player died first in six rounds.

What happened to k0nfig?

Last time the Danish player performed as a stand-in was at the BLAST Premier World Final 2022 with Heroic and he played exceptionally well with an average rating of 6.5, surprising the viewers. Despite being inactive for a long time, k0nfig was still able to perform well. So, what went wrong in NIP?

k0nfig's stats on BLAST Premier World Final 2022
k0nfig's stats on BLAST Premier World Final 2022

Most likely, the main problem was the language change. Yes, k0nfig had played in an English-speaking team before, but for more than a year, he had only played in Danish-speaking teams, which he had gotten used to.

Making such a quick switch to English without a drop in statistics is impossible, considering the official announcement of k0nfig's arrival in NIP happened just six days ago. However, it can't be said that k0nfig has lost form, he just needs time, and in a month he will be able to reorganize and start showing his usual game.

When do NIP play?

NIP continue their performance at the Play-In IEM Katowice 2023, the Swedish team will face the team Spirit in a match for a slot in the main stage in just an hour. All tournament information is available on its page.