NLG takes Can “Kyuubii” Kamber as a Loan from Sprout

NLG takes Can “Kyuubii” Kamber as a Loan from Sprout

NLG announces to have signed a contract with Can “KyuubiiKamber, a previous Sprout reserve member.

After a long time of being Sprout’s sixth player, only occasionally stepping into Meisterscaft matches, Kyuubii became the new addition to the NL team and is on his way to becoming a full-fledged member. While part of the NLG, he is expected to take on an active part in the roster.

For the time being, while he is on “loan,” Kyuubi left the benches of Sprout. However, his previous team members still have the possibility of calling out to him, in the event they need a replacement for an absent active team member.

Stefan Schillhabe, the NLG CEO says that this exchange should act as a practical experience for Kyuubii, as he will be able to play on a daily basis for one of Germany’s top teams. With that in mind, the bridge to Sprout is still standing, and he remains available whenever a lineup change is needed.

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