Nordavind bench team

Nordavind bench team

European mix is transfer-listed.

Another European mix bites the dust.

Despite some average results, Nordavind decided to split with their current CS:GO lineup. Full of players, who have played at big events, such as “TENZKI”, “HS” and “mertz”, Norwegian organisation expected to enter top echelon of the rankings and qualify for prestigious competitions, but those plans never came alive.

Coming close to breaking into top-30 in rankings, Nordavind could not get a hot streak such as other teams around them, such as SKADE or Sinners, and did not win any events because of that. Now the entire lineup is transfer-listed, but it remains to be seen if anyone is going to get a permanent home before season resumes in few days.

More news are expected to come from Nordavind’s camp in upcoming days as team implied that they are not looking to quit the CS:GO scene. For now Scandinavian team is going to keep their Academy squad, focusing on developing local scene and helping Norwegian players to find their footing early in their careers.

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