O PLANO will sign with Nordavind

O PLANO will sign with Nordavind

A long search for sponsorship is over

Blockbuster news from Norway.

Shortly after releasing their European squad, Nordavind got linked with signing O PLANO team, which will give Brazilian mix a coveted sponsorship they were seeking since starting the project few months ago.

An insanely talented team under leadership of “kNgV-” has a good chance of qualifying to the PGL Major Stockholm in case of another solid performance during the second North American RMR event. If that happens, Nordavind will get their banner at the biggest stage for the first time, which is especially important due to event being hosted in Scandinavian country.

It remains to be seen, if anything else is going to be provided to the former O PLANO unit outside of the sponsorship, as bootcamping in Europe does not look to be a good option this close to the RMR event. Nonetheless, this looks like to be an ace clutch for Norwegian organisation after years of mediocrity and only time will tell if that was a 200% correct decision or only mere 100 percent.