Renegades win IEM Fall Oceania

The best team in the region strikes again.

One more championship title is in the bag.

Renegades and Looking for Org faced each other for the fourth time in span of two weeks for the IEM Fall Oceania win in a yet another best of five series.

This time, however, Renegades started with a map advantage due to the ESL rulebook and then led “12-3” at the break on Overpass after a force buy round kickstarted their defence. Looking for Org, however, did not tap out, as they lasted until the last moment of the regulation before Renegades’ offence finally broke through to clinch the map, “16-14”. Mirage turned out to be more clear cut, as Renegades controlled the pace since the beginning, leading “9-6” before the switch and then gave up only one more round before the end of the map for a “16-7” victory to win the series “3-0”.

Still unbeaten on the home soil, Renegades will now look to make a run at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, while Looking for Org can focus on finding the organization to replace Dire Wolves as their team banner.