Official: JOTA Has Replaced Fer In Imperial

Official: JOTA Has Replaced Fer In Imperial

Only FalleN remained from the legendary Brazilian lineup.

MIBR's Jhonathan JOTA Willian replaced Fernando fer Alvarenga in Imperial.

Imperial announced the changes on Twitter. After this replacement, only one player remained in the team from the veteran Brazilian championship team: Gabriel Fallen of Toledo. Imperial's final squad for the start of the 2023 season:

  • Gabriel FalleN Toledo
  • Ricardo Boltz Prass
  • Marcelo chelo Cespedes
  • Vinicius VINI Figueiredo
  • Jonathan JOTA Willian
  • Lincoln fnx Lau (coach)

Where Will Fer Go?

The legendary Brazilian player announced the end of his career. The player leaves the pro scene at the age of 31. This is a big loss for the Brazilian scene.

Fer was one of the best players in the history of the Brazilian Counter-Strike. During his career, he earned 12 trophies, two of which were Major championships. In addition, in 2017, fer was one of the best players in individual performance, so it cannot be said that he reached such results only thanks to the team.

Fer has had a fantastic career in CS:GO and has achieved what few players can. He will forever remain in the history of the game.

JOTA vs. Fer: What Will a New Player Bring To the Team?

JOTA showed a great game in MIBR and was one of the team's leaders in 2022. The Brazilian has practically not been relegated lately, and his performance compared to the other players on the American scene cannot be questioned. His current average rating is 6.8.

JOTA's statistics
JOTA's statistics

JOTA clearly wins compared to fer, but it cannot be said that a veteran is much worse than a young player. Fer coped with the tasks of a full-time rifleman and completely satisfied the team. His average rating of 6.2 speaks for itself.

Fer's stats
Fer's stats

However, the problem is that fer coped with his tasks but did not go beyond them. And with young JOTA, it is possible.

Therefore, with this replacement, Imperial has strengthened, and their style of play can become even more active thanks to a younger and stronger player.

When Does Imperial Play?

Imperial will start its season on January 20. The team will participate in the South American ESL Pro League Conference on this day, competing for a slot in the ESL Pro League Season 17. All information about the tournament is on its page.