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Another change in the OG roster.

About two weeks ago, OG benched Valdemar "valde" Bjorn. Even then it became clear that the team was preparing for serious changes. And today the organization announced the loss of another player.

niko is preparing to look for a new team
niko is preparing to look for a new team

OG announced the departure of Nikolai "niko" Christensen. Niko was in the roster for more than a year, and, unfortunately, did not earn a single trophy. The results of OG last year left much to be desired. After signing Nemanja "nexa" Isakovic, there was hope for an improvement in the game, but the level of performance did not rise for long.

Niko has not shown high statistics lately. His average rating over the last 15 matches is 5.7, and this suggests that he often fails. If you look at his statistics at A-Tier events, you can say for sure that the Dane is not in the best shape. Over the past six matches at big tournaments, niko has barely reached the score of 5.

Now the Dane is open to offers.

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