OG sweep group B, to the EPL S14 quarterfinals

OG sweep group B, to the EPL S14 quarterfinals

A perfect "5-0".

Battle for first place has concluded.

An undefeated OG squad looked to book their spot in the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 14, while Complexity Gaming, despite playing with a stand-in, could snatch that berth with a victory in the series.

Mirage looked to be a good start for Complexity, as they jumped to an early “9-4” lead. OG, however, managed to reduce the deficit by half time to only three and quickly pulled ahead with a “11-9”, before the absolute chaos ensued. Teams traded blows, as Complexity went up by one at “13-12” but OG locked down sites after that, using a superior economy to close the game out, “16-13”. Moving to Nuke, it was once again the similar story, as Complexity Gaming started “6-0” but switched with only a one round lead. Despite losing the pistol round, OG ran over the sites on the map, winning it “16-12” and the entire series, “2-0”.

OG will join Heroic in the quarterfinals of EPL, while Complexity is going to start its path to the championship in the Ro12, which is still going to be considered a success, considering their roster situation.