OG sweep G2, stay undefeated in EPL S14

OG sweep G2, stay undefeated in EPL S14

A crushing defeat for the favourites.

Putting themselves on the brink of elimination.

Losing to Sinners Esports in the first round, G2 Esports needed to beat OG in their second game of ESL Pro League Season 14 to keep themselves in contention before the last few rounds of play.

Going to Mirage, French-Balkan mix’s defence looked strong, as they switched sides with a three rounds lead, which evaporated quicker than their yesterday’s advantage over Sinners. OG completely locked down the map in the second half, losing only one round in securing a “16-10” map victory. Moving to Inferno, “nexa”s team offence kept being lackluster, as “Aleksib”’s troops led by five at the break. It did not get any better afterwards, as the European mix won ten rounds combined to end the map, “16-5” and a “2-0”.

At “0-2”, G2 Esports have to quickly reconsider their approach to the remaining teams, including their meeting with Complexity Gaming on Tuesday, while OG, being at “2-0” can all but guarantee themselves a playoff berth by winning against forZe on the same day.