OG top group B defeating Astralis once again

OG are unstoppable.

Group B matches at Blast Premier Spring Groups have come to a close, and the placement in the Knockout stage has been decided.

OG faced Astralis in the group B final. They have already met in the first round of group B, and OG destroyed their opponents.

OG finish the group stage undefeated
OG finish the group stage undefeated

Astralis banned Ancient this time to play Inferno. OG seized early advantage reaching 6-0, but Astralis managed to stabilize, finishing the side with a score of 7-8. After the sides switched, Astralis fell apart while OG dominated, winning round after round. Danish team didn’t have enough time to come back, and their opponents finished the game 16-8.

OG top group going to the third round of the Knockout stage, while Astralis advance to the second round.