One RMR event to be held in each region before PGL Major Antwerp 2022

The rules of qualifying for Major have been changed.

Valve has officially announced the rules of the new RMR cycle.

Six days ago, PGL announced Major Antwerp 2022, but there was no information on RMR events to get a spot at the event. However, Valve gave that information in the new rulebook.

RMR rules have changed
RMR rules have changed

There will be only one RMR event held and no second chances. The points will not take place, and a new system is unforgiving. The format of events for all regions has been formalized, and there will be no confusion among tournament organizers. Europe and CIS teams to be split into two groups, with 16 teams in both. The format is Swiss, and there are 16 spots at the Major. American and South American teams will fight in Swiss for 16 teams, 15 of which will have to qualify for the event. Asia-Pacific teams are going to battle for two spots in the four-team GSL. The results of the last Major decide the seeds for RMR tournaments.

There is still no information on the schedule of the RMR events. PGL Major Antwerp 2022 starts on May 9th.